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According to the kinetic particle theory, what is the main characteristic of matter?

Being in constant random motion

What phenomenon provides evidence for the movement of particles according to the text?

Brownian Motion

Which state of matter is not commonly found on Earth but is considered the most common state in the universe?


How do the particles in solids, liquids, and gases differ according to the kinetic particle theory?

They have different amounts of energy and move in different ways

Which state of matter has particles that are spaced very far apart in a disorderly manner?


Which state of matter has particles that possess very low kinetic energy?


Which state of matter has particles that move very quickly and randomly in any direction?


Which is a common property shared by solids, liquids, and gases?

Have definite volume

What happens to the temperature as a pure substance changes from gaseous state to liquid state?

Temperature remains constant

At which point does boiling take place in the process described?

D to E

What happens to the particles as a substance changes from liquid state to gaseous state?

Particles lose energy

Why does the temperature remain constant during the process of condensation?

Energy is released

What is the main difference between gases and liquids in terms of particle arrangement?

Particles in gases occupy more space than in liquids.

Which statement about energy changes during changes of states is true?

Energy during changes of states is only taken in from the surroundings.

What is sublimation?

Change of state from solid to gas without melting.

How does evaporation differ from boiling?

Evaporation occurs rapidly throughout the liquid.

What happens to the particles at point S in the substance?

Particles lose energy and move closer together

Why does the temperature remain constant during the phase from S to T?

Heat is released as particles form strong attractive forces

What evidence does the text provide that supports the Kinetic Particle Theory?

Diffusion of particles from high concentration to low concentration

How does the rate of diffusion change with temperature according to the text?

Increases with higher temperature

Test your knowledge on energy changes during different states of matter such as condensation, freezing, boiling, and melting. Understand how energy is either released to or absorbed from the surroundings during these processes.

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