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What is the function of hormones produced by endocrine glands?

Activate muscle contraction and relaxation

Which type of glands do not have ducts for secretion?

Endocrine glands

How do hormones from endocrine glands reach their target organs?

By diffusion into the blood

Which type of gland secretes substances directly to a specific compartment or surface?

Exocrine glands

What is the main role of the nervous system in relation to exocrine glands?

Controlling glandular secretions

How do endocrine glands differ from exocrine glands?

Endocrine glands secrete directly into blood while exocrine secrete to a surface.

Which term describes glands that serve both endocrine and exocrine functions?

Mixed glands

What is the significance of a hormone's half-life?

Indicates the duration of the hormone's effect in the body

What characterizes steroid-derived hormones in terms of solubility?

Insoluble in blood plasma

How do amine and peptide hormones differ from steroid hormones?

They are synthesized from amino acids

In what way do prostaglandins differ from other hormones mentioned?

They are not found in the plasma membrane

How do hormones predominantly circulate in the blood to affect target cells?

Through a second messenger system

What is the primary factor determining a target cell's response to a hormone?

Number of receptors for the hormone on the target cell

How do fat-soluble steroid hormones primarily enter target cells?

By diffusion through the plasma membrane

In what way can a hormone increase enzyme activity by altering the enzyme's shape and function?

By allosteric modulation of the enzyme

Which factor plays a crucial role in determining the extent of activation of a target cell by a hormone?

The strength of the union between hormone and receptor

Where do hormone receptors mainly exist in target cells?

On the plasma membrane

Test your knowledge on how the endocrine system integrates and regulates bodily functions. Learn about the glands, hormones, and their effects on various aspects of human function.

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