Endocrine Glands and Hormones

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Where do the secretory cells of endocrine glands release their products?

Into a neighboring vascularized compartment for uptake by capillaries

How do endocrine cells typically aggregate?

As cords

Where does the pituitary gland lie in the body?

Below the brain in a cavity of the sphenoid bone

What are the two parts of the pituitary gland?

Posterior neurohypophysis and anterior adenohypophysis

From which embryonic tissues does the pituitary gland develop?

Oral ectoderm and developing brain

What is the primary capillary network that irrigates the stalk and median eminence supplied by?

Superior hypophyseal arteries

Which part of the adenohypophysis is covered by a thin fibrous capsule?

Pars distalis

Which cells in the pars distalis are also called basophils and acidophils based on their staining affinity?


What is the significance of the hypothalamo-hypophyseal portal system?

It carries neuropeptides from the median eminence to the adenohypophysis.

Which hormones regulate almost all other endocrine glands, milk secretion, melanocyte activity, and the metabolism of muscle, bone, and adipose tissue?

Somatotropic and mammotropic cells

Test your knowledge about the secretory cells of endocrine glands and how they release hormones into the body. Explore the structure and function of endocrine cells and specialized endocrine glands.

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