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According to the text, when are prisoners normally escorted into the CGPD building?

When the Sally Port gate is open

According to the text, what should officers do when arriving with a prisoner at the CGPD Sally Port entry gate?

Clear any non-essential personnel from inside the Sally Port area

According to the text, what should officers do once the prisoner is secured inside the police vehicle?

Open the Sally Port gate using their Department issued ID card

According to the text, which agency is authorized to utilize the facility for prisoner processing and evidence storage?


What is required for positive official identification of the person presenting the prisoner for processing?

Both verification of credentials and authority

What should other agencies do if they wish to utilize the Prisoner Processing or DUI facility?

Contact the Police Operations Desk (POD) officer

What should officers do to ensure that prisoners held in the PPR do not have an opportunity to overpower an officer and escape?

Search prisoners in the presence of officers of the same gender

Which department is responsible for managing the eA-Form arrest process?

Miami-Dade Information Technology Department (ITD)

What is the purpose of the Thinkstream Mobile Reporting Client (MRC)?

To connect officers and supervisors to the Internet remotely

When should officers place the armband on a prisoner during the eA-Form arrest process?

At the officer's discretion

What happens if a defendant has multiple cases and the subsequent paperwork is not placed in 'task' for Corrections?

The additional arrest affidavits will be rejected

Which department is responsible for completing the Agency Advisory Form for arrestees transported to MDCR detention facilities?

Miami Dade Police Department (MDPD)

What should officers do if positive fingerprint identification of a prisoner cannot be made via fax?

Transport the prisoner to MDPD Identification Section for further investigation.

When should the officer(s) conduct a security check of the holding cell for weapons and contraband?

Both prior to and immediately after a prisoner has occupied the holding cell.

How should officers request emergency assistance in the Processing Room (PPR)?

All of the above.

Which system will officers refer to for specific guidance and procedures on eA-Forms related to Law Enforcement Training?

Thinkstream Electronic A-Form Management (AFM)

When processing eA-Forms, why are CGPD mugshot photos of prisoners not necessary?

MDCR prisoner intake photos will be accessible and downloaded into RMS by RM&TS personnel.

Which system will officers refer to for specific guidance and procedures on eA-Forms related to Warrants, Holds, Probation Violations, and Bond Surrender?

Thinkstream Electronic A-Form Management (AFM) and Mobile Reporting Client (MRC)

Which of the following is NOT a step that Communication Center personnel will take upon receiving an emergency notification?

Secure all exits and respond to the main hallways

What does the Communications Center announce over the Public Address (PA) system in the event of an escape from custody in the PPR or anywhere else in the building?

Code 99 (Escape)

What is the color of the paper for the court copy of the A-Form when printing using the A-Form Printing System in the PPR?


Which software is used by officers to generate Electronic A-Forms for all other arrests?

Thinkstream MRC

Test your knowledge on emergency communication protocols and procedures with this quiz. Learn about the steps communication personnel take when receiving an emergency signal, including dispatching calls and making announcements.

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