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What is the metal cap of an electric cell called?

Positive terminal

What is the thin wire inside an electric bulb that gives off light called?


What is the combination of cells called when two or more cells are joined together?


What is the complete path for electricity to pass between the two terminals of the electric cell called?

Electric circuit

What is the electric circuit called in which there is no gap in the connections between the terminals of the cell, wires, and the bulb?

Complete electric circuit or closed electric circuit

What are the two terminals of an electric bulb?

Metal tip at the base and metal case at the side

What is an open electric circuit?

An electric circuit with a gap in the connections between the terminals of the cell, wires, and the bulb.

What is a fused electric bulb?

A bulb in which the filament breaks, causing the electric circuit to become incomplete.

Define an electric switch.

An electric switch is a simple device used to either break or complete an electric circuit.

What are conductors in terms of electricity?

Materials that allow electric current to pass through them.

Provide examples of insulators.

Rubber, plastic, wood, glass, paper, air, etc.

Why are insulators used to cover conductors?

Insulators are used to prevent the user from receiving an electric shock.

Test your knowledge on electric cells and electric bulbs with this quiz. Learn about how electric cells work and how they are connected to form batteries. Explore the functioning of electric bulbs and their components.

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