Effects of Air Pollution - Dr. Azhar Ghazali

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What is mentioned as a possible cause of the degrading quality of the national environment?

Urban heat island effect

What is cited as causing problems related to ground settlement and buildings cracking?

Effects of particles from burning fuels

Which environmental issue is associated with an apparent increase in air temperature from 32°C to 40°C?

Urban heat island effect

In the context of environmental damages, what contributes to heat radiated from buildings?

Urban heat island effect

What impact does air pollution have on human health according to the text?

Disease outbreaks

Which issue is not directly associated with the effects of the urban heat island effect mentioned in the text?

Chemicals emitted by car traffic

What is identified as a key environmental problem related to air pollution and a lack of green areas?

Urban heat island effect

Which factor is cited as contributing to ground settlement and buildings cracking issues in the text?

Increased air temperature

"Haze (air quality)" is most likely caused by:

"Storm and extreme wind conditions"

What does passing the 50 per cent threshold of the population living in urban areas symbolize?

Continuation of rural-to-urban migration with acceleration in the global south

What is identified as both an environmental pressure driver and an opportunity to enhance sustainability?

Rural-to-urban migration

Which technology is highlighted as providing sound incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency?

Information and communications technologies (ICTs)

What is a consequence of the environmental crisis mentioned in the text?

Resort to environmentally riskier technological options

How are emerging economies contributing to the global economy, according to the text?

By playing an increasing role and making contributions

What is mentioned as a new global aspiration and orientation for development in the text?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What percentage of urban home energy consumption is attributed to the use of cars for commuting?


Which sector is responsible for nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions according to the text?

Building sector

What percentage of total annual CO2 emissions are attributed to building operations?


What is one of the key strategies mentioned in the text to achieve zero emissions from existing buildings?

Integrating energy upgrades

How much new floor area is expected to be added to the global building stock to accommodate urban growth?

230 billion m2

What would happen if widespread existing building decarbonization does not occur according to the text?

Buildings will continue emitting CO2 in 2040

What is the estimated world population as of 2018, according to the text?

7.6 billion people

Which factor has contributed to an increase in the number of migrants and refugees according to the text?

Conflict and environmental degradation

What global issue is mentioned as having a significant impact on urbanization?

Climate change

In the context of population growth, what demographic variable is indicated to be remaining on track?

Aging population

Which of the following is NOT cited as a direct consequence of an increase in urbanization?

Technological advancements

How has an increase in urbanization affected the number of migrants and refugees?

Increased due to conflict and environmental degradation

Learn about the impact of air pollution on human health and the environment, as well as the clean air standards. Explore the different pollutants present in the air and their effects on living organisms and ecosystems.

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