Effective Crisis Management: Grace Under Pressure

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What is the primary task of crisis management?

Minimizing the deleterious effects of a serious crisis

Why is pre-crisis planning considered the most important stage of crisis management?

It emphasizes planning and prevention

What is the definition of a crisis according to the text?

A large-scale, unexpected, serious, negative development

Why is overconfidence considered a barrier to effective crisis management?

It leads to denial and blindness about potential crises

What does crisis management entail in terms of time constraints?

Using unlimited resources under extreme time constraints

What characterizes the need for greater planning and humility in crisis management?

Blindness created by overconfidence

Why is crisis management described as requiring 'grace under pressure'?

'Grace' signifies the ability to remain composed and effective in difficult situations

What is the foundation of effective crisis management according to the text?

'Preparation and forethought'

What does the text emphasize as crucial for organizations in overcoming potential crises?

'Greater planning and humility'

Why is denial considered a barrier to effective crisis management?

'Denial' leads to blindness about potential crises

Learn about handling large-scale, unexpected, serious, negative developments with poise and efficacy. Understand the potential impact of crises on organizations and the importance of crisis management in protecting the well-being, credibility, and reputation of a business.

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