Effective Communication: The 7 Cs Principles

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What principle emphasizes the importance of providing background information to ensure a message is complete and accurate?

Principle of Completeness

Which principle highlights the need for an organized presentation of ideas even in impromptu communication?

Principle of Organization

According to the passage, which of the following is a key consequence of inadequate information?

It leads to delayed action and confusion

Which of the following is NOT one of the 7 Cs of Communication mentioned in the passage?


Which principle underscores the importance of adapting to the varying communication styles and expectations of different people?

Principle of Flexibility

In ethical communication, which principle states that the message should be brief but purposeful?

Principle of Conciseness

According to the passage, which of the following should be avoided when communicating concisely?

Using complex words and phrases

Which of the following is recommended when communicating in a concrete manner, according to the passage?

Providing specific examples and facts to support the message

Which principle directs communicators to be sensitive to the needs and interests of the audience?

Principle of Empathy

According to the passage, what should be done to ensure correct communication?

Proofread to avoid errors and misspellings

Why is it crucial for communicators to provide information that is adequate and complete?

To ensure clarity and understanding

Based on the assignment requirements provided in the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?

The paper should be single-spaced

According to the passage, what is a key aspect of respecting the truth in communication?

Being well-informed about a topic before presenting oneself as an authority

What does the passage suggest about using inaccurate information to influence others?

It causes difficulties for both the communicator and the audience

According to the passage, what is considered a form of cheating in communication?

Falsifying information when accurate information is not useful

According to the passage, what does respecting the rights of others in regard to information entail?

Respecting the confidentiality of sensitive information

What is considered unethical in the context of collecting information, according to the passage?

Stealing information from others

Which of the following statements best summarizes the main message of the passage?

Ethical communication involves being truthful, accurate, and respectful of others' rights to information.

Learn about the 7 Cs of communication, which include clarity, simplicity, and organization. Understand how adequate information is crucial for proper decision-making and action planning. Practice applying these principles in various communication scenarios.

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