Ecology and Population Dynamics

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What is the result of disruptive selection in a population?

A divergence of distinct groups of individuals within a population

What determines population density in a particular environment?

Both biotic and abiotic factors

What is the study of changes in populations over time?

Population dynamics

What type of distribution occurs when individuals are spaced in a manner unrelated to the presence of others?

Random distribution

What is the term for the number of individuals of a species per unit of area or volume?

Population density

What is a feature of populations that describes the age distribution of individuals?

Age structure

What type of selection favors two or more different phenotypes in a population?

Disruptive selection

What is the term for the study of the number of individuals of a particular species in an area?

Population ecology

What is the term for the spread of individuals in a population?

Population dispersion

What is the term for the rate at which a population grows or declines?

Growth rate

Learn about ecology, the study of interactions between living organisms and their environment. This quiz covers biotic and abiotic interactions, population dynamics, and how evolution occurs in populations, not individuals.

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