Early American History

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Who was the Shoshone woman essential to the success of Lewis & Clark’s journey?


Who was the inventor of the cotton gin?

Eli Whitney

Which law banned slavery for all new US states north of the 36th parallel?

Missouri Compromise of 1820

What was the brutal 1200 mile journey in consequence of the Indian Removal Act known as?

Trail of Tears

Which document developed at the Seneca Falls Convention mimicked the Declaration of Independence?

Declaration of Sentiments (1848)

Who commissioned the explorers Lewis & Clark to travel and map the newly purchased Louisiana territory?

Thomas Jefferson

What was the name of the brutal 1200 mile journey in consequence of the Indian Removal Act?

Trail of Tears

How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost the United States?

$15 million

Test your knowledge of key events in early American history with this quiz. Explore topics such as the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark expedition, the role of Sacagawea, and the controversial Indian Removal Act of 1830. See how well you know these significant events that shaped the expansion of the United States.

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