DSM 5-TR: Impact of Racism and Discrimination on Psychiatric Diagnosis

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What is the process of constructing specific categories of identity based on racial ideologies and practices?


What is a significant social determinant of health that can contribute to various adverse health outcomes?


What is the focus of bias or stereotyping that can affect the process of diagnostic assessment?

Other aspects of identity, including ethnicity, gender, language, religion, and sexual orientation

What is the term that refers to factors attributable to an individual’s reproductive organs and XX or XY chromosomal complement?


What are the types of disorders that individuals may be predisposed to due to racism?

Substance use, mood disorders, and psychosis

What is the term that describes the exclusion of individuals or groups from access to resources and opportunities?

Social Exclusion

What is the primary purpose of the 'Associated Features' section in DSM-5?

To identify clinical features that are common in individuals with a disorder but are not part of the diagnostic criteria

What is the term used to describe the rates of a disorder in a community?

12-month prevalence

What is the primary goal of a clinical case formulation?

To use available contextual and diagnostic information in developing a comprehensive treatment plan informed by the individual's cultural and social context

What information is provided in the 'Development and Course' section of DSM-5?

The typical lifetime patterns of presentation and evolution of a disorder

What is the primary characteristic of a substance/medication-induced mental disorder?

It is caused by the physiological effects of an exogenous substance on the central nervous system

What is the purpose of Criterion C in substance/medication-induced anxiety disorder?

To rule out the possibility of an independent anxiety disorder

What is the term used to describe the ratio of prevalence in men versus women for a disorder?

Sex ratio

What is the purpose of subtypes in a diagnosis?

To define mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive phenomenological subgroupings within a diagnosis

What is the primary purpose of the 'Risk and Prognostic Factors' section in DSM-5?

To discuss the factors that contribute to the development of a disorder

What type of information is provided by age group in DSM-5?

Prevalence estimates of a disorder

What is an example of an exogenous substance that can cause a substance/medication-induced mental disorder?


What is the purpose of a comprehensive treatment plan in a clinical case formulation?

To develop a plan that is informed by the individual's cultural and social context

What is gender composed of?

Reproductive organs and an individual's self-representation, including psychological, behavioral, and social consequences

Why do psychologists use the term 'sex differences' in certain contexts?

When information is available and pertinent to biological differences between males and females

How can sex or gender influence the risk of developing a disorder?

Either by exclusively determining risk or moderating the overall risk

How can ADHD manifest differently in boys and girls?

Only in terms of symptom expression

What is an example of a disorder where sex exclusively determines risk?

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

What is the reason for using the terms 'women and men' or 'boys and girls' in DSM-5-TR?

Because the information is based on self-identified gender

What is the focus of the subsection on environmental factors?

Exposure to toxic substances and substance use

What is the purpose of the Functional Consequences section?

To describe the notable consequences of a disorder on daily life

What may vary across the life span?

Functional consequences of a disorder

What is the focus of the Comorbidity section?

Describing the comorbidity of mental disorders and medical conditions

What is the purpose of the Differential Diagnosis section?

To differentiate the disorder from other disorders with similar characteristics

What is the primary focus of the subsection on genetic and physiological factors?

Familial patterns and genetic risks

This quiz covers the topic of racialization and its impact on psychiatric diagnosis, as discussed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Text Revision (DSM 5-TR). It explores how racialized identities are associated with systems of discrimination and marginalization, and how this affects mental health diagnosis.

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