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What is the primary or first-line drug that is considered the most active against TB?


What is the mechanism by which Isoniazid (INH) exerts its bactericidal effect in growing TB cells?

Activation by KatG

What is the probability of resistance when Isoniazid (INH) is used in combination with other drugs?

$1 \times 10^{12}$

What adverse reaction is associated with Isoniazid (INH) in about 1% of cases?


Which drug is metabolized by acetylation?

Isoniazid (INH)

Which bacterium is the primary target for Rifampin?

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

What is the mechanism of action of Rifampin?

Inhibition of bacterial RNA synthesis

Which symptom is NOT associated with Rifampin toxicity?


What is the primary action of Streptomycin in treating tuberculosis?

Inhibition of protein synthesis

What is the mechanism of action for Ethionamide in treating tuberculosis?

Blocks mycolic acid synthesis

Test your knowledge about the drug treatment of tuberculosis, including the recommended duration of therapy and primary or first-line antituberculous agents. Explore the properties and activation of various drugs used in the treatment.

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