Drawbacks of Rutherford and Bohr Atomic Models

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What is a drawback of Rutherford's Atomic Model?

It can't explain the stability of the atom.

In Bohr's Atomic Model, what does an electron do in the 15th orbit?

The electron's velocity remains fixed.

Why can't Bohr's model explain the continuous spectrum of atoms?

It lacks an explanation for line spectra.

What is the relationship between Rutherford's model and a collapsing atom?

Rutherford predicted atoms would collapse over time.

How does Bohr's model differ from Rutherford's model in terms of explaining atom stability?

Bohr introduced fixed energy levels for electrons.

Explore the limitations of the Rutherford and Bohr atomic models in explaining the stability and line spectrum of atoms. Learn about the challenges faced by these historical models in predicting certain atomic behaviors.

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