Distribution vs. Logistics in Distribution Management Lesson 1

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What is the main difference between distribution and logistics?

Distribution focuses on product ownership transfer, while logistics focuses on product availability.

Which transportation mode is less commonly used in the Philippines due to unreliable operation and limited destination?


What is the primary role of trucks and vans in the distribution process mentioned in the text?

Shipment of imported and exported goods

Why is the rail road considered a convenient means of transportation in foreign countries?

It carries more volume and moves faster.

Which mode of transportation is associated with examples like MRT, LRT, and Bicol Express in the text?


What is the key role of the trucking industry mentioned in the text?

Control shipment of imported and exported goods

Which mode of transport is ideal for large quantities of low volume bulk products in the Philippine setting?


What is the main consideration for using air cargo in transportation?

Speed in delivery

What term refers to goods carried by ships, trains, trucks, or airplanes?


In the context of freight payment terms, what does 'Prepay and Add' mean?

The shipper advances payment and collects additional expenses later

'Free on Board (FOB)' refers to the transfer of liability and ownership of goods from the seller to the buyer. What does FOB stand for?

Freight on Board

What term is commonly used to describe airplanes in the context of transportation?

Air Cargo

Explore the differences between distribution and logistics in the context of distribution management. Understand how distribution focuses on product ownership transfer and transportation, while logistics emphasizes product availability at strategic points in the marketing channel.

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