Dissolution Test of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms - In Vivo & In Vitro

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What does the Noyes-Whitney equation describe?

The rate of dissolution of spherical particles when the dissolution process is diffusion-controlled

What does the Noyes-Whitney equation include as a parameter for the rate of dissolution?

Diffusion coefficient of drug

Which apparatus is a very versatile device for the in vitro assessment of release characteristics of solid oral dosage forms?

Apparatus 3 (Reciprocating Cylinder)

What is the standard flow rate for the Flow-Through Cell apparatus?

8 mL/min

In the dissolution procedure for immediate-release dosage forms, where should the specimen be withdrawn from?

A zone midway between the surface of the Dissolution medium and the top of the rotating basket or blade

What is the main difference between solubility and dissolution?

Solubility measures how much of the unaltered drug can be dissolved, whereas dissolution measures the rate at which the altered drug dissolves in solution.

Which factor is NOT known to affect the dissolution rate of drugs?

The color of the drug

Why is slow dissolution of solid drugs associated with poor performance in vivo?

Slow dissolution results in slower absorption of the drug

What does in vitro bioavailability refer to?

The amount of drug that reaches the systemic circulation from the site of administration after oral dosing

What does in vivo evaluation of oral dosage forms involve?

Evaluating the performance of drugs within a living organism

Learn about the terminology, factors affecting drug dissolution rate, and how to conduct a dissolution test for pharmaceutical dosage forms. Explore the concepts of dissolution, in vitro bioavailability, in vitro equivalence, and the evaluation of oral dosage forms.

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