Disaster Nursing Goals and Definition

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What should a nurse prioritize in a disaster situation?

Adaptation of skills to the situation

What is a key role of a nurse during a disaster according to the text?

Coordinating patient triage and care

How should a nurse approach a lack of supplies, equipment, and personnel during a disaster?

Use imagination and resourcefulness

What effect can disasters have on access to healthcare services?

Exceed the capacity of the local health care system

Why are disasters challenging in measuring their effects on population health?

The effects can be both short- and long-term

What is crucial for a nurse to provide to disaster victims and their families?

Understanding, compassion, and emotional support

What is the primary goal of disaster nursing?

To achieve the best possible level of health for disaster victims

What is one of the principles of disaster nursing?

Rapid assessment of the situation and nursing care needs

What is one way disaster nursing aims to correct inequalities in access to healthcare?

Empowering survivors to advocate for their own health

In disaster nursing, what is the importance of identifying the potential for a secondary disaster?

To prepare for additional challenges that may arise

How does disaster nursing promote the highest achievable quality of life for survivors?

By respecting cultural, lingual, and religious diversity

What is one key role of a disaster nurse during a disaster event?

Participating in all levels of disaster planning and preparedness

What is a key action of nurses in the Pre-Impact phase of a disaster?

Conducting damage and needs assessment

Which activity is NOT typically part of the Disaster Phase: Impact Emergency Management for nurses?

Establishing early warning systems

What is a primary focus of Disaster Nursing during the Impact phase?

Mitigating all ongoing hazards

In the Pre-Impact phase, what is the purpose of developing disaster nursing databases?

For notification, mobilization, and triage of emergency nurse staffing resources

What should be done during Time-0 to 24hrs in the Impact phase by nurses?

Conducting damage and needs assessment at the scene

Which action is NOT part of the nurse's role during the Disaster Phase: Impact Emergency Management Mitigation?

Establishing early warning systems

Explore the definition of disaster nursing as well as the goals associated with providing care to disaster victims. Learn about the importance of adapting professional nursing knowledge, skills, and attitude in emergency situations.

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