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What is the main function of fertilization?

Functions - sex and reproduction - to confer the sex of the organism - to reproduce the organism

What are the main events during fertilization?

Main Events - contact and recognition of sperm and egg - mechanisms that ensure the contact of the same members of the same species - regulation of sperm entry into the egg

What is the process that prevents multiple sperm from fertilizing the same egg?

Block polyspermy

What are the outcomes of the fusion of male and female pronuclei?

Radical cytoplasmic rearrangement

How do invertebrates attract sperm for fertilization?

Species-specific attraction (chemotaxis) - Cnidarians secrete chemotactic factors and regulate the time of release

What is the role of prostaglandin in the ovary?

Contraction of smooth muscles to extrude the egg from the blister

How does progesterone contribute to the process of ovulation?

Activates collagenase

Why does only one out of 15-20 oocytes mature during the process of resumption of meiosis in mammals?

Follicles capable of producing more estrogen survive; the rest become atretic

What causes some Graafian follicles to secrete more LH receptors than others?

Competition among follicles

What factor does the follicle that will mature secrete to suppress the growth of other follicles?

Suppressing factor

Who received the Nobel Prize in relation to developmental genetics?


What did Rita Levi Montalcini and Viktor Hamburger study in the 1950s?

Nerve growth factors

What did Hal Waddington analyze much later in terms of developmental genetics?

Wing malformation of Drosophila

What are the 3 main types of embryology mentioned in the text?

Descriptive embryology, Comparative embryology, Experimental embryology

What powerful techniques were mentioned in the text for studying genes in development?

Knock out and knock in genes, PCR

What are the Drosophila sp. and Caenorhabditis elegans referred to as in the text?

The Rosetta stone of molecular biology

Test your knowledge on the history of Developmental Genetics, including notable figures like Spemann, Montalcini, Hamburger, Gluecksohn-Schoenheimer, and Waddington. Learn about their contributions to the field and the significant discoveries in nerve growth factors, limb development in chicks, and axial mesoderm formation.

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