Designing Effective E-Learning

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What is the main difference between pedagogy and andragogy?

The teacher is responsible for teaching in pedagogy, while the learner is responsible for learning in andragogy.

What is a key aspect of e-learning planning according to the text?

Engaging students through active learning and diverse resources.

What theory should be applied when designing e-content, as mentioned in the text?

Adult learning theory (Andragogy)

What should be the role of the teacher in e-learning?

Motivate and encourage learners, with learners being responsible for learning.

What is emphasized in e-learning design, as per the text?

Using a variety of resources and activities to make e-learning active.

Test your knowledge of designing and developing e-learning with this quiz. From understanding the differences between online and classroom teaching to applying adult learning theory and instructional design steps, this quiz covers essential concepts for effective e-learning planning and development.

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