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What is the main purpose of naming conventions in database systems?

To facilitate communication between parties and promote self-documentation

What is the basic logical structure of the hierarchical model?

A tree-like structure with multiple levels

What is the main advantage of the network model over the hierarchical model?

Better support for complex data relationships

What is the name of the database standard that allows a record to have more than one parent?

Network model

What is the term for a collection of records in a 1:M relationship in the network model?

Owner-member set

What is the primary purpose of business rules in database design?

To describe policies and procedures that govern data usage within an organization.

In a data model, what is the term used to describe the characteristic of an entity?


Which of the following is NOT a type of relationship in a data model?

Many-to-one (M:1)

What is the primary benefit of using data modeling in database design?

To facilitate communication among designers, programmers, and end users.

What is the term used to describe the process of translating business rules into data model components?

Business rule translation

Test your knowledge of database systems, naming conventions, and data models. Learn about the evolution of data models and how to promote self-documentation.

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