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Which type of crop would benefit from being tall and having profuse branching?

Fodder crops

Why is dwarfness desirable in cereals?

To decrease nutrient consumption

What type of farms exist in India based on land size?

Small to very large farms

What factor primarily determines the farming practices adopted by farmers?

Financial conditions

Why is it important to develop crop varieties with desired agronomic characteristics?

To enhance productivity

What are some factors for which variety improvement is done?

Higher yield, improved quality, biotic and abiotic resistance, change in maturity duration

Why is it important to develop varieties resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses?

To reduce crop losses due to diseases and environmental factors

How does shorter crop maturity duration benefit farmers economically?

It reduces the cost of crop production and enables multiple rounds of crops in a year

Why is wider adaptability important in developing crop varieties?

It stabilizes crop production under different environmental conditions

What does developing varieties tolerant to high soil salinity help in achieving?

Enhancing crop yield in saline soils

Why are varieties that can be grown in diverse climatic conditions useful?

Because weather conditions like drought and floods are unpredictable

Study Notes

Crop Improvement Factors

  • Weather conditions, soil quality, and water availability affect crop yield and cultivation practices.
  • Developing crop varieties that can thrive in diverse climatic conditions is essential.
  • Varieties tolerant to high soil salinity have been developed.

Objectives of Variety Improvement

  • Increase crop yield per acre to improve productivity.
  • Enhance quality considerations, such as baking quality in wheat, protein quality in pulses, and oil quality in oilseeds.
  • Develop resistance to biotic stresses (diseases, insects, nematodes) and abiotic stresses (drought, salinity, water logging, heat, cold, and frost).
  • Reduce maturity duration to increase the number of crop cycles per year and minimize production costs.
  • Promote uniform maturity for efficient harvesting and reduced losses.

Desirable Agronomic Characteristics

  • Wider adaptability to stabilize crop production under different environmental conditions.
  • Tallness and profuse branching are desirable for fodder crops.
  • Dwarfness is desired in cereals to reduce nutrient consumption and increase productivity.

Crop Production Management

  • Farming practices vary depending on land ownership, financial conditions, and access to information and technologies.
  • Financial conditions influence farmers' choices of farming practices and agricultural technologies.

Test your knowledge on factors influencing crop variety improvement such as weather, soil quality, and water availability. Explore how higher yield and improved quality play a role in enhancing crop productivity.

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