Criminology Theories and Concepts

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What is the practice of determining personality traits and criminal tendencies by examining the shape and size of the skull called?


Which theory views society as a system of interconnected parts working together to maintain stability and equilibrium?


What term refers to a state of normlessness or confusion resulting from a lack of clear social norms?

Social Disorganization

Which mode of adaptation involves individuals accepting societal goals but rejecting traditional means, leading to deviant behavior?


According to classical theories, what is emphasized in explaining behavior?

Free will

Which level of theory focuses on individual interactions and behaviors?


What does conflict theory emphasize as a driver of social behavior?

Power struggles and inequality

What is the main concept behind determinism?

The philosophy that all events, including human actions, are determined by external factors

Which 18th-century period is characterized by a focus on reason and skepticism of traditional authority?


What does the theory of atavism suggest about criminal behavior?

It is caused by the presence of primitive traits inherited from earlier evolutionary stages

What does social disorganization theory focus on?

Identifying the breakdown of social structures as a cause of criminal behavior

Which concept aligns with the belief in improving the genetic quality of the human population?


Explore key theories and concepts in criminology such as phrenology, somatotype, social disorganization, and human ecology. Learn about the pseudoscientific practices, classification systems, and studies that aim to understand criminal behavior.

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