Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Concepts

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What does the pyramid of corporate social responsibility portray as the foundation for the other responsibilities?

Economic performance

What is the value of a company or brand name referred to as?

Brand equity

Which term refers to consistent preference for one brand over all others?

Brand loyalty

What is the term used for the group of people or organizations for which an organization designs and maintains a marketing mix?

Target market

According to consumer expectations of their decision and buying-related experiences, what is the study of a sample flow model of CRM system about?

Understanding customer relationships

Which component of environmental scanning involves identifying the most valuable customers and understanding their needs?

Identifying the most valuable customers and understanding their needs

What are examples of social factors that can influence consumer behavior?

Values, social media

Which factor refers to the processes a consumer uses to make purchase decisions?

Consumer behavior

What is perceived value in consumer decision making?

The value a consumer expects to obtain from a purchase

In the traditional consumer decision-making process, what comes after 'information search'?

Evaluation of alternatives

Which factor involves the development of feelings of ownership without actually owning the product?

Psychological ownership

What do political and legal factors in consumer behavior refer to?

Laws, regulatory agencies

Explore the components of the pyramid of corporate social responsibility as well as the definitions of 'brand' and 'brand equity'. Learn about economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities, along with the identification and differentiation features of a brand.

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