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Left coronary artery () supplies LA, LV, AV node & IVS. Left coronary artery () → Left anterior descending (LAD)/anterior interventricular artery (AIv) + Left marginal artery (LMA) + Left circumflex artery (LCx)


______ CA (Pig & horse) supplies RA & RV. Left CA (Dog, cat, & ruminants) supplies LA, LV, AV node & IVS.


In most species, ______ coronary arteries are absent. Beagle dog & Guinea pig have coronary ______ arteries.


80-85% of individuals, ______ also branches into PIv posteriorly.


Venous drainage from heart: Dog: ˃ 80% of venous blood from ______ is drained by left CV (great cardiac vein) & drain into coronary sinus (largest vein of the heart), empties into RA & rest 20% originating from other parts of heart.


Study Notes

Coronary Arteries

  • Left coronary artery supplies the Left Atrium (LA), Left Ventricle (LV), Atrioventricular (AV) node, and Interventricular Septum (IVS).
  • Left coronary artery branches into Left Anterior Descending (LAD) or Anterior Interventricular Artery (AIV), Left Marginal Artery (LMA), and Left Circumflex Artery (LCx).

Species Variations

  • In pigs and horses, the Right Coronary Artery (RCA) supplies the Right Atrium (RA) and Right Ventricle (RV).
  • In dogs, cats, and ruminants, the Left Coronary Artery (LCA) supplies the LA, LV, AV node, and IVS.

Absence of Coronary Arteries

  • In most species, the coronary arteries are absent.

Exceptional Cases

  • Beagle dogs and Guinea pigs have coronary arteries.

Posterior Interventricular Artery (PIv)

  • In 80-85% of individuals, the Posterior Descending Artery (PDA) also branches into the PIv posteriorly.

Venous Drainage

  • In dogs, over 80% of venous blood from the heart is drained by the Left Coronary Vein (CV) or Great Cardiac Vein, which drains into the Coronary Sinus (the largest vein of the heart), eventually emptying into the Right Atrium (RA).
  • The remaining 20% of venous blood originates from other parts of the heart.

Test your knowledge of the functional anatomy of coronary circulation with this quiz. Explore the distribution and functions of the right and left coronary arteries, as well as their branches and variations. Understand the changes in coronary blood flow during different levels of cardiac activity.

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