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Who developed the typewriter?

Christopher Latham Sholes

What did the Remington typewriter introduce to the market in 1874?


Why is HCI important in the design of safety critical systems?

To make systems usable and accessible to all, including people with disabilities

What does HCI stand for?

Human-Computer Interaction

Why is good use of HCI principles important for software development companies?

To ensure systems are safe, usable, and efficient for everyone

Which computing system was built by John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert in 1946?


What was the rolling device used in the trackball invented by Ferranti Canada in 1952?

Bowling ball

What is the core philosophy of HCI?

"To provide safe, usable, and efficient systems to everyone"

"HCI provides designers with what necessary tools to design effective interfaces?"

"Tools that are obvious and easy to use"

"What is another name for the ENIAC computing system built in 1946?"

"The Birth of a Giant Brain"

Test your knowledge on computer hardware components such as input devices, output devices, integrated circuits, and system software. Learn about how each component interacts with a computer system.

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