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Which of the following is NOT a primary function of an Operating System?

Browsing the web using Internet Explorer

What is a common misconception about the function of a Monitor in a computer system?

It is not considered an input device

In binary, what does the number 1011 represent in decimal?


Which term best describes the two steps of an instruction cycle?

Fetch cycle, execute cycle

Why are device drivers essential in an Operating System?

To provide a method for the Operating System to manage the hardware in a computer

What core function does an Operating System primarily perform for a computer system?

Process Management

Which storage device uses sequential access method?

Magnetic Disk

What is the purpose of address lines in a computer system?

Designate data source or destination on the bus

Which storage type has the shortest access time in general?


In which parity scheme should the total number of 1s and parity bit add up to an odd number?

Odd Parity

Which RAID level configuration offers fault tolerance using striping with parity?


What is one purpose of access control in a computer system?

Protect documents from unauthorized overwriting

Test your knowledge on computer components and operations with this quiz. Identify basic components of a CPU, core functions of the Operating System, and understand input/output devices. Choose the correct options provided for each question.

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