Community-based Conservation Presentation on Local Natural Resources Protection

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What is a key motivator for local and Indigenous communities to conserve?

Socio-economic needs linked to a healthy ecosystem

What does governance involve, apart from management and implementation of rules?

Values, relations of power and alternative pathways forward

What is a common phrase used by local and Indigenous communities to describe their connection to the river system?

The river is the heart of the fishing people

What is a key difference between governance and management?

Governance involves values and power relations

What is a key motivator for non-Indigenous communities to conserve?

Scientific community research

What is a crucial aspect of Social-Ecological Systems?

Considering governance and decision-making processes

What is at the heart of community conservation and influences its success or failure?

Power and politics

What is a crucial aspect of governance in community conservation?

Leadership capacity and mediation

What can be hidden or invisible in community conservation and livelihood contexts?

Power dynamics

What is often closely linked to power in community conservation processes?

Politics and decision-making

What can threaten communities' livelihoods and conservation efforts?

Changes to historical access rights

What is essential for overcoming conflicts and building trust in community conservation?

Mediation and push-back power

What is a major part of the SES analysis?

Identifying drivers

What is transformation referred to in the context of social-ecological systems?

A systemic shift in the SES

According to the theory of collective action, what condition is necessary for people to cooperate?

Benefits from cooperating exceed individual costs

What is the significance of understanding the worldview of a local management system?

To gain insights into the functioning of the universe

Which factor is NOT involved in transformative changes documented in social-ecological systems?

Mobilising economic resources

What kind of changes may necessitate a transformation in an existing SES?

Fundamental or systemic

What is a critical factor influencing decision-making within community conservation?

Power dynamics

In the context of governance, what changed significantly in the 20th century?

Decision-making became more centralized

What was a consequence of the top-down decision-making approach in the latter part of the 20th century?


Which factor contributed to the notable environmental destruction and resource mismanagement in the latter part of the 20th century?

Failure at adaptive management

Why are underlying attitudes about nature considered a cause of environmental failures?

Historical prejudices

What is one implication of corporatization in the realm of decision-making processes?

Shift towards profit-driven motives

What is a key requirement for community-based conservation to succeed, according to the text?

Empowering local resource users and communities

What is highlighted as a necessary condition for community-based conservation to work effectively?

Deliberation involving all parties

Why is respect for Indigenous elders important in the context of community-based conservation?

To utilize local and traditional knowledge

What type of learning and trust development is often required for the success of community-based approaches?

Social learning

Which factor contributes to the effectiveness of community-based conservation measures?

Greater acceptance by local communities

Why is land and resource rights securement crucial for the success of community-based conservation?

Authority and responsibility devolved to the local level

Learn about community-based conservation and its importance in protecting natural resources and biodiversity. Understand the role of local communities in conservation efforts, along with institutional linkages and organizational levels impacting local institutions.

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