Communication and Schemata-driven Interpretation

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What is communication derived from?

The Latin word 'common'

Which step comes after the sender encodes a message in the communication process?

Receiver decodes the message

What does 'communico' mean in Latin?

To confer with others

How does communication help individuals connect with others?

By sharing experiences and needs

What happens after the receiver decodes a message in the communication process?

Receiver gives feedback

Why is communication considered the most important thing in life?

It lets individuals show how they feel and share information

What does the concept of irreversible communication mean?

Once something is said, it cannot be taken back or undone.

Which aspect is NOT part of the communication setting according to the text?


What does it mean that communication is developmental or progressive?

Communication learning stages progress from birth through various educational levels.

How does the text define communication as a process?

Communication stages occur when sharing ideas, each with specific functions.

What does it mean that communication is ethical?

Ethical communication follows societal rules, values, and beliefs.

How has media and technology influenced communication according to the text?

Media and information significantly influence how people communicate.

What is the first step in schemata-driven communication?

Starting with what you already know

Why is communication considered an interpretative act?

Because only the creator of the message has absolute knowledge about it

Why is it emphasized that communication does not guarantee a direct link between two minds?

To emphasize that messages need to be decoded by the receiver

Why is communication considered active according to the text?

Because it engages speakers and listeners in action

In schemata-driven communication, what do symbols, signs, or marks represent?

Ideas that one wants to convey verbally

Why is communication said to always result in something?

Because it refers to two or more persons engaging in an act

Explore the concepts of communication being schemata-driven and interpretative in nature. Understand how communicative acts are influenced by pre-existing knowledge and how interpretation plays a key role in the communication process.

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