Communication and Information Richness in Organizations

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What did 85 percent of Texas Business Executives rate as very important?

Knowledge of business communication

Which skills did 100 Fortune 500 executives identify as requiring more attention?

Oral presentation and memo-writing

According to the National Business Education Association, what are the five communication skills areas listed for business school graduates?

Foundation of communication, social communication, technological communication, employment communication, and ethical communication

Why does effective communication help an organization gain a competitive advantage?

It fosters better relationships with customers and stakeholders

What did the research findings highlight as requiring more attention in terms of skills for business executives?

Oral presentation and memo-writing

This quiz covers the importance of effective communication in gaining a competitive advantage, the communication process, the role of perception, and information richness in communication media for managers. It also discusses the research findings regarding the importance of communication skills in the business environment.

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