Introduction to Business Communication

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What is the origin of the word 'communication'?

From the Latin word 'communis' meaning to share

How is communication generally defined?

As conveying information

What does Wilbur Schramm emphasize in the human communication process?

Understanding how people relate to each other

What is the main purpose of business communication?

Flow of information among various parties

What is the primary focus of internal objectives or functions of business communication?

Providing information to management and employees

How is business communication defined in the context of organizations?

Flow of information, perception, etc. within or outside an organization among different parties

Why does co-ordination communication help in improving the morale of employees?

By informing, connecting, and reassuring employees

What is one of the external functions of business communication according to the text?

Selling goods and services

How does historical background describe communication in human expression and interaction?

As the most significant part of human expression

What are some means through which business communication achieves its goals?

Informing, connecting, persuading employees

How does business communication link a business firm with outsiders?

By selling goods and services

What is one purpose of business communication according to the text?

To provide needed decision support

Explore the fundamentals of business communication, from its origins to its defined purpose in conveying information within economic activities. Learn about the importance of passing information and understanding between individuals.

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