Common Uses of PET-CT in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

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What is the main purpose of PET-CT imaging?

To detect cancer and make a diagnosis

How does PET-CT differ from ordinary X-ray exams?

PET-CT focuses on processes within the body related to metabolism

What does it mean when an area appears as a 'hot spot' in a PET-CT scan?

It shows large concentrations of the radiotracer and high metabolic activity

When is PET-CT typically used to evaluate prognosis?

When assessing the response to therapy

Which statement best describes the use of radioactive materials in PET-CT?

They are injected or swallowed to accumulate in tumor cells with high metabolic rates

What does a 'cold spot' indicate in a PET-CT scan?

Area with low tissue viability

Learn about the various applications of PET-CT in detecting, staging, and monitoring cancer, as well as evaluating treatment response and prognosis. Explore how PET-CT can also be used to assess tissue metabolism, map brain and heart function, and determine disease recurrence.

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