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What is the study of the physiology of the blood?


What is a hospital-acquired infection called?

Nosocomial infection

What is sepsis?

A serious condition in which the body responds improperly to an infection

What is the primary reason for venipuncture according to the text?

To draw blood for testing

Which department deals with the composition and chemical properties of a substance?


What is the branch of science that deals with microorganisms?


What should a phlebotomist do to prep the venipuncture site?

Cleanse the area with an alcohol prep pad for 30 seconds and allow to air dry for 60 seconds

What are the reasons for concern during a venipuncture procedure?

Numbness, tingling, change of color to blue or white, and/or extreme pain

What angle should the needle be inserted at during a venipuncture?

15 to 30-degree angle

How long should the tourniquet be placed above the site during a venipuncture?

3-4 inches above the site and not on for more than 60 seconds

What should a phlebotomist do after finishing the tube collection?

Remove the tourniquet first

What are the items needed for a successful venipuncture?

Cotton balls, tourniquet, tubes, needle, alcohol pads, gloves

What is the consequence of improper cleaning of a venipuncture site?

Causes septicemia

What should a patient be asked to do before starting the venipuncture procedure?

Make a fist and not pump the hand

What can happen if the tourniquet is left on for too long during a venipuncture?

$Blood can be hemolyzed and cause testing errors$

Test your knowledge on the composition and chemical properties of substances, medical science related to blood, physiology of blood, and the branch of science dealing with microorganisms. Explore the topic of hospital-acquired infections.

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