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Cognitive Perspective in Psychology

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is a cognitive perspective that emphasizes thinking processes: thought, reasoning, the way information is encountered and stored, and memory functioning.

Information processing

3 Phases of Learning:

  1. Dependence
  2. Independence
  3. Interdependence


the art and science of helping children to learn


coordination and integration of motor activities with sensory perceptions

sensorimotor period

realizing that objects and events exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched.

Object Permanence

the ability to grasp a cause-and- effect relationship between two paired, successive events


Developed independence with dressing and toileting

Early Childhood

Focus on rituals, imitation, and repetition of information

Long term learning

allows young children to understand that people can make things happen.

Precausal Thinking

the teaching of older persons. Accommodates normal cognitive, psychosocial, and physical changes at this phase of development.


Explore the cognitive perspective in psychology which focuses on thinking processes, including thought, reasoning, information processing, and memory functioning.

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