CMS111(11): Basic Theories of Personality Development

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What is the definition of personality?

The total quality of an individual's behavior, habits, and attitudes

Which of the following is considered a trait?

A particular behavior that characterizes an individual and is rather constant over a long period of time

How might vitamin B complex deficiency affect personality according to the text?

Lead to lethargy, irritability, depression, and personality change

What does 'integrated personality' refer to?

A personality in which several traits, desires, and interests are combined in a harmonious unity

Which factor may lead to neurotic personality according to the text?

Malnutrition at first two years of life

Which of the following factors does NOT contribute to the shaping of personality?

Alcohol consumption

Which disorder leads to a sedentary and lazy personality?


In the context of personality development, which statement is NOT true?

The number of siblings or order of birth does not affect personality traits

Which approach to study personality focuses on inherited susceptibility to certain personality types or traits?

Biological traits and types theory

Which of the following behaviors or traits is shared by all cultures, according to the text?

Feminine and masculine behaviors

Learn about different theories of personality development, factors affecting personality, and the clinical picture of different personality disorders in this lecture.

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