Clinical Laboratory Testing Cycle and Diagnostic Decision Making

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What are the three phases of the laboratory testing cycle?

Pre-analytic, analytic, post-analytic

What is the main focus of clinical pathology?

Using laboratory testing to diagnose and manage diseases

Which function is NOT mentioned as being evaluated by clinical laboratory tests?

Respiratory function

What is the purpose of the receiver-operator characteristic (ROC) curves in laboratory testing?

To assess diagnostic accuracy at specific cutoff values for a test

What is the primary goal of clinical pathology?

To provide vital information for diagnosing diseases

How can laboratory tests in clinical pathology be used in the preoperative phase of surgery?

To provide important diagnostic information

What role does clinical pathology play in patient management?

Tracking the effectiveness of treatment

What are some substances that laboratory tests in clinical pathology can detect and quantify in the body?

Hormones and infectious agents

How does clinical pathology contribute to public health?

By identifying outbreaks of infectious diseases

In what way has the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of clinical pathology?

By tracking hotspots and spread of the virus

Explore the significance of clinical laboratory testing in diagnostic decision making, including identifying nutrient deficiencies, detecting health changes, and evaluating bodily functions. The discussion encompasses general approaches to ordering tests and real-world examples.

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