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Clinical Examination Setup Procedure

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What should the patient do if a breast exam will be included in the procedure?

Get fully undressed and wear the gown with the opening to the front

When should the fixative spray be applied to the slide smear?

Within 10 seconds post collection

What must be done before packaging the slide to send to the lab?

Allow the slide to dry for at least 5 minutes

What is required to help with any residual spotting or bleeding after the exam?

An absorbent pad

What should be placed in a biohazard bag if a ThinPrep container was used?

The closed and labeled container

How should the fixative spray be applied on the slide?

Lightly from left to right and then right to left

What is the primary purpose of performing a paracentesis procedure?

To collect fluid for diagnostic examination or to remove excess fluid

What position is the patient typically placed in before a paracentesis procedure?

Fowler's position

What must be ensured prior to starting a paracentesis procedure?

Patient's consent form signed, voiding, and vital signs taken

What items are typically needed for a paracentesis procedure?

Paracentesis tray, anesthetic injectable medication, skin preparation solution

Why would a physician perform a paracentesis procedure on a patient?

To remove excess fluid or prepare the patient for other procedures like surgery

What is one of the key responsibilities of a healthcare worker during a paracentesis procedure?

Assisting the physician throughout the procedure

What is the main purpose of paracentesis?

To remove excess fluid from the abdominal cavity

Which procedure involves tapping the chest wall to remove fluid or air from the pleural space?


What is the purpose of a lumbar puncture (LP)?

To aspirate cerebrospinal fluid

Which procedure allows evaluation of intracranial pressure and CSF composition?

Lumbar Puncture

Who is primarily responsible for performing a spinal tap or lumbar puncture?


Which condition can be diagnosed using a spinal tap or lumbar puncture?

Bacterial infections

What should be done before the procedure starts?

Ensure the patient empties their bladder and/or bowels

What position should the patient be in for the procedure?

Fowler's position

What should be exposed during the procedure?

Lateral lower abdominal quadrant

What must you ensure is available and ready with supplies for labeling?

Collection bottle and tubing

What needs to be administered and signed before the procedure?

Witnessed and informed consent

What should be done regarding patient allergies before starting the procedure?

Identify any patient allergies

What is the purpose of ensuring the patient empties their bladder and/or bowels prior to the procedure?

To prevent any complications that may arise during the procedure

What is the correct position in which to place the patient for a lumbar puncture?

Lying on their side

Why is it important for the patient to arch the lumbar segment of their back during the procedure?

To widen the space between vertebrae for easier access to the spinal canal

What is the recommended position for the patient after the lumbar puncture procedure is over?

Remaining flat for approximately two hours

Instructing a patient to straddle a straight back chair with their head resting against their arms is an alternative position for what part of a lumbar puncture procedure?

The positioning phase

What equipment is NOT required for a lumbar puncture procedure?

Chlorhexidine antiseptic

Learn the correct steps to set up the tray table, provide patient instructions, and assist the provider during a clinical examination. This quiz covers gowning instructions, equipment setup, and patient privacy considerations.

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