Classification System for Rice Cultivation

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What is the main purpose of irrigation in rice cultivation?

To supplement the natural rainfall

Which type of rice is characterized by being totally dependent on irrigation?

Chaite dhan (irrigated dry season rice)

What distinguishes shallow rainfed rice from other types of rice cultivation?

It involves minimal irrigation and relies on rainfall

Which part of the plant is responsible for nutrient and water uptake from the soil?

Crown roots

In what type of situation do modern semi-dwarf varieties of rice usually grow?

Irrigated dry season rice

What is the significance of coleoptiles in rice plants?

They emerge first in submerged lowland conditions

What part of the rice plant emerges first in well-drained soil conditions?


What does the primary embryonic root do once it emerges through the coleorrhiza?

It usually dies within a month

What happens in the shoot system?

It includes leaves, stem, and inflorescence visible above ground

This quiz covers the classification system for rice cultivation suggested by Barker and Herdt in 1979, including different types of rice culture based on water regime and the main methods of planting with minimum water planting depth for each. Test your knowledge on rainfed, lowland, deep water, and upland rice cultivation methods.

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