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What is the subject of the Class 12 Hindi course?


What is the primary emphasis of the Class 12 Hindi course?

Grammar and vocabulary

Who is the target audience for the Class 12 Hindi course?

High school students

What language did Malik Muhammad Jayasi primarily write in?


Where is the debated place of birth of Malik Muhammad Jayasi?

Uttar Pradesh

What tragic event is described in the legends about Malik Muhammad Jayasi's life?

His house collapsed, killing all his sons

What was the consequence of Malik Muhammad Jayasi's mockery of a pir's opium addiction?

His house collapsed, killing all his sons

What is the title of Malik Muhammad Jayasi's best known work?


Subject: Class 12 Hindi course covers literature, language, and grammar. Target Audience: The course is designed for students in grade 12 studying Hindi as a subject. Primary Emphasis: The course emphasizes the study of Hindi literature, language proficiency, and grammar rules. Quiz Description: Test your knowledge of the Class 12 Hindi course with this quiz. Explore topics related to Hindi literature, language, and grammar, and assess your understanding of the subject matter.

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