Children with Special Needs Chapter 23

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What is a common sign of vision loss in children?


What is the profession of a specialist who helps children with speech problems?

Speech pathologist

What is a possible cause of mental disabilities in children?

All of the above

What is a common characteristic of children with physical disabilities?

Limited mobility

What is a possible effect of speech disorders on a child's self-concept?

Poor self-concept

What is a common problem associated with hearing loss in children?

All of the above

What is a characteristic of children with special needs?

They may have delays in one or more areas of development.

What is the term used to describe a problem that may exist for a long time, perhaps a lifetime?


What is the term used to describe a talent or problem that is extreme or severe?


What is the purpose of IQ tests?

To measure how quickly a person can learn and reason

What is a characteristic of gifted children?

They show high performance in one or more areas.

What percentage of children are above average?

16 out of 100

This quiz assesses your understanding of the differences in developmental milestones between children with special needs and typical children. It covers the delays and differences in seeing, hearing, motor skills, speech, thinking, and social behaviors. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of special needs and developmental differences.

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