Chemistry: Structure and Bonding of Metals and Nonmetals

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What is the difference between the reaction of calcium and strontium with water?

Strontium reacts more vigorously but produces less volume of gas.

What is the purpose of the experiment with 0.200 g of strontium and 250 cm3 water?

To determine the reactivity of strontium with water.

What is the resulting solution in the reaction of strontium with water?

A colourless solution containing strontium ions.

What is the volume of gas produced in the reaction of strontium with 250 cm3 water?

Volume of gas is not produced in this reaction.

What is the equation for the reaction between strontium and water?

Sr + 2H2O → Sr(OH)2 + H2.

What is the purpose of calculating the concentration of strontium ions in the solution?

To determine the stoichiometry of the reaction.

Why does the student plan to use calcium instead of strontium in the experiment?

To compare the reactivity of strontium with calcium.

What is the expected difference between the volume of gas produced by calcium and strontium?

Calcium produces more gas than strontium.

What is the general trend in the reactivity of Group 2 metals with water?

Reactivity increases down the group.

Test your understanding of metallic bonding, giant metallic lattice, and the properties of metals. Also, explore the structure and bonding of nonmetals like diamond, graphite, and silicon.

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