Chemistry 1

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Which of the following is not a topic covered in the STEM 11 Chemistry 1 subject?

Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

What is the grade level for the STEM-ACADEMIC Chemistry 1 subject?


How many units are there in the STEM 11 Chemistry 1 subject?


How many hours per semester are allocated for the STEM-ACADEMIC Chemistry 1 subject?

80 Hrs

What is the subject description of the STEM 11 Chemistry 1 subject?

Composition, structure, and properties of matter

Who is the Department of Education Secretary mentioned in the text?

Leonor Magtolis Briones

Who are the Module Developers / Compilers mentioned in the text?

Dinna G. Carangue and Irene R. Kawarasaki

Who is the PSDS North District VII mentioned in the text?

Roquesa B. Sabejon

Who is the Master Teacher II - Apas National High School mentioned in the text?

Imelda Lañojan

Who is the Schools Division Superintendent mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge of matter and its properties, measurements, atoms, molecules, ions, and the mole concept in Chemistry 1. This quiz is designed for senior high school students studying STEM subjects.

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