Chapter II The History of Surgical Instruments

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What marked the historical period circa 3,500 BC?

The invention of writing systems

Who is known as the father of modern medicine in Classical Greece?


What materials were the first surgical instruments made of?

Teeth and hands

What distinguished Hippocrates and his followers in terms of medical practice?

They separated medicine from philosophy and religion

During the Dark Ages, where was classical Western knowledge maintained?

Islamic world

Who made the greatest advancements in surgical instruments in Islamic Spain during the Dark Ages?

Abu al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi

What material were medieval surgical instruments often crafted from?

Iron, steel, and wood

What invention during the Renaissance allowed for faster dissemination of ideas, old and new?

Printing press

What significant development occurred in the 20th century regarding surgical instruments?

Transition from making instruments out of stone to stainless steel

How did the practice of sterilization impact the crafting of surgical instruments?

Ended the crafting of instruments from wood or decorative materials

What did chrome and nickel plating offer as a solution in the late 1800s?

Protection against corrosion of surgical instruments

How does stainless steel differ from carbon steel in terms of resistance to water?

Carbon steel corrodes more easily with water compared to stainless steel

Explore the fascinating journey of surgical instruments throughout history, reflecting humanity's innovation and technological advancement in the field of medicine.

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