Chapter 5: Databases and Data Analytics Lecture

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What is the main purpose of a database?

To store and organize data for easy access and manipulation

Which type of data includes facts or observations about people, places, things, and events?

Structured data

What is the main difference between batch processing and real-time processing?

Batch processing collects data over time and processes it later, while real-time processing happens immediately during the transaction

What is the purpose of a key field in a database?

To serve as a unique identifier for records

Which database model includes data stored in tables called relations?

Relational database

What is the main advantage of a multidimensional database over a relational database?

Conceptualization and processing speed

Which type of database works with unstructured data such as photographs, audio, and video?

Object-oriented database

What is the most popular type of database used for storing structured data?

Relational database

Which subsystem of Database Management involves querying using Structured Query Language (SQL)?

Data manipulation subsystem

What is the main purpose of the Data administration subsystem in Database Management?

Database Administrators management of overall data resources

Which type of databases reduces data redundancy and ensures data integrity?

Relational databases

What type of processing happens immediately during a transaction?

Real-time processing

What is the purpose of the ETL process in data warehousing?

To extract, transform, and load data into a centralized repository

What does the role of a data analyst include?

Assessing the quality of data and its sources

What is the main purpose of data visualization?

To turn complex data into insights and communicate them effectively to stakeholders

Why is cleaning the data important before analysis?

To fix or eliminate any mistakes in the data

What does the ETL process stand for in data warehousing?

Extract, Transform, Load

Which step involves determining the criteria for grouping the data?

Step 1

What does the role of a data analyst include?

Assessing the quality of data and its sources

What are the types of tools used in data visualization?

Simple charting libraries to advanced interactive dashboards

What is the primary source of collecting data?

All of the above

What is the process of managing large volumes of data from different sources to support business decision-making?

Data warehousing

What type of database is used for storing interconnected data, such as social networks and recommendation engines?

Graph databases

Which type of database is generally stored on the user's hard-disk drive or on a LAN file server?

Individual databases

What is a special type of database called that is used for data warehousing and data mining?

Data warehouse

What type of analytics focuses on describing the happenings over time, such as whether the number of views increased or decreased?

Descriptive analytics

Which technology or tool is commonly associated with big data analytics and is used for processing large volumes of structured and unstructured data?


What is the primary focus of data science compared to data analysis?

Data cleaning and preparation

Which type of database is used for storing semi-structured and unstructured data?

NoSQL databases

What is the process of analyzing raw datasets in order to derive conclusions regarding the information they hold called?

Data analytics

Which type of analytics focuses on indicating a plan of action based on the analyzed data?

Prescriptive analytics

Learn about different types of databases, data analytics techniques, data warehousing, data visualization, and big data analytics. Explore the world of databases and data analytics, including physical and logical views, database models, batch processing, and real-time processing.

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