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What is the basic principle behind centrifuges?

Generation of centrifugal force to separate substances

What factors does the centrifugal field (G) depend on?

Angular velocity and radial distance of particle from axis of rotation

What determines the rate of sedimentation in centrifugation?

Mass of particle, density of medium, and shape of particle

What is the role of different masses in centrifugal force during centrifugation?

They experience different centrifugal forces when traveling at the same velocity and distance from the common center

What is true about the types of centrifuges?

They have different types but operate based on the same basic principle

Test your knowledge about the principles and applications of centrifugation in separating substances using centrifugal force. Learn about how materials with different masses experience different centrifugal forces and how centrifuges are utilized in various fields.

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