Cell Signalling Complexity in Cell Biology

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What are examples of primary messengers in cell signaling?

Hormones, neurotransmitters, cell surface proteins

Which type of receptors are involved in cell signaling?

Cell surface receptors and intracellular receptors

What type of molecules act as second messengers in signal transduction?

Non-protein molecules

Which effectors can be involved in fast signal transduction cascades?

Cytoskeletal proteins for cellular movement

What determines the speed of the cellular response in signal transduction?

The type of effectors involved

What are primary messengers of extracellular signals?

Hormones, Local mediators, Neurotransmitters, Cell surface proteins

Which type of receptors are involved in cell signaling pathways?

Cell Surface and Intracellular receptors

What type of molecules are involved in the transduction process of cell signaling?

Proteins interacting through Specific Signalling domains

Which molecules can serve as effectors in cellular responses?

Second messengers, Proteins, DNA

What characterizes classic intracellular signaling pathways?

Reception, Transduction, Response

What allows multiple responses to a single signal in signaling pathways?


What type of molecules can transduce and amplify a signal through protein Kinases in cell signaling cascades?

Second messengers

Which component in cell signaling pathways is primarily protein in nature?


What are some examples of modular interaction domains found in proteins involved in cell signaling?

SH2, SH3, PTB, and PIP domains

How are cell signaling proteins often broadly categorized based on their catalytic activity?

Based on their presence of a catalytic domain

Which proteins help relay a signal further downstream in the cell after signal-receptor binding?

Only specific proteins involved in cell signaling cascades

Which molecules can interact with G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) to transduce a signal in cell signaling?

Second messengers

Explore the concept of effectors and signalling pathways in cell biology, focusing on how signals are sorted, integrated, diverged, and converged. Learn about the interconnectedness of different intracellular pathways depicted in Fig 11.2 from Chapter 11 of 'Principles of Cell Biology' by George Plopper.

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