Cell Cycle: Significant Events and Phases

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What event occurs during cytokinesis in the cell cycle?

Distribution of organelles and macromolecules

Which phase of the cell cycle involves the synthesis of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates?

Gap 1 (G1)

What is the main function of the checkpoints in the cell cycle?

Ensuring chromosomes are properly replicated and distributed

Which event marks the beginning of mitosis proper in the cell cycle?

Coiling of DNA

During which phase of the cell cycle does apoptosis occur?

Quiet Phase (G0)

What is the role of cleavage furrow in cell division?

Separation of the two daughter cells

What is the main function of the DNA Damage Checkpoint?

Temporarily pauses the cell cycle for DNA repair

Which protein is involved in the Apoptosis Checkpoint?


What is the function of Telomerase in relation to telomeres?

Prevents telomere shortening

Why do most cancer cells arise according to the text?

Mutation leading to improper protein production

What is the role of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint in cell division?

Ensures chromosomes are properly attached to spindle fibers

How does the Apoptosis Checkpoint affect cell fate?

Causes cells to undergo apoptosis if survivins message is not received

What is the role of caspases in apoptosis?

Destroy enzymes that replicate or repair DNA

Which process is responsible for dismantling cell remnants or blebs after apoptosis?


What is the characteristic chromosome number of cells produced by Meiosis II?

23 chromosomes

During which phase of Meiosis does synapsis occur?


What effect does apoptosis have on a cell's ability to adhere to other cells?

It abolishes the cell's activity to adhere to other cells

What is the primary function of meiosis in cell division?

Producing gametes with unique genetic information

Learn about the key events and phases in the cell cycle, such as distribution of organelles, DNA synthesis, formation of cleavage furrow, and cell division preparations. Understand the processes involved in interphase, G1, S, G2 phases, as well as the Quiet Phase (G0) and Apoptosis.

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