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What happens during anaphase of mitosis?

The centromere splits into two

Which phase is characterized by chromosomes aligned at the equator of the spindle?


What marks the beginning of prometaphase in mitosis?

Disassembly of the nuclear envelope

Which phase involves the formation of nuclear envelopes around each nucleus?


What is a key feature of metaphase in mitosis?

Chromosomes aligned at the equator

During which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?

S phase

What is the specialized resting state for cells in G1 that are not committed to DNA synthesis?

G0 phase

How many phases can mitosis be divided into based on progress made in the overall nuclear division?


What happens to chromosome strands upon completion of DNA synthesis?

They are condensed into heterochromatin

What is the main function of the gap between S phase and mitosis (G2 phase)?

Ensuring correct DNA replication

Study Notes

Mitosis Phases

  • Anaphase is characterized by sister chromatids separating and moving to opposite poles of the cell.


  • Chromosomes are aligned at the equator of the spindle during metaphase.
  • A key feature of metaphase is the alignment of chromosomes at the center of the cell.


  • The breakdown of the nuclear envelope marks the beginning of prometaphase.


  • Nuclear envelopes form around each nucleus during telophase.

Cell Cycle

  • DNA replication occurs during the S phase of the cell cycle.
  • G0 phase is the specialized resting state for cells in G1 that are not committed to DNA synthesis.


  • Mitosis can be divided into four phases based on progress made in the overall nuclear division.

DNA Synthesis

  • Upon completion of DNA synthesis, chromosome strands are duplicated.

G2 Phase

  • The main function of the G2 phase is to prepare the cell for mitosis, allowing for cell growth and preparation for cell division.

Test your knowledge on the different phases of the cell cycle including G0 phase, S phase, and chromosome replication. Learn about the progression of cells from resting states to active phases and the process of DNA synthesis.

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