The Cell Cycle and DNA Synthesis

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During DNA replication, about how many mistakes occur for every 10^10 nucleotides?


When does DNA polymerase proofreading take place?

Before a new nucleotide is added to the growing daughter chain

Which of the following is NOT a checkpoint in the cell cycle?

S phase

Which mechanism occurs immediately after an incorrect nucleotide has been added to the growing daughter chain?

Exonucleolytic proofreading

What is the function of telomeres in eukaryotes?

To replenish DNA sequences during cell division

What happens to telomeres as cells divide?

They gradually shorten

What is the catalytic site responsible for proofreading in DNA polymerase?

3'-to-5' proofreading exonuclease

Which phase of the cell cycle is responsible for DNA synthesis?


What are the three main checkpoints in the cell cycle?

G1/S, G2/M, metaphase-to-anaphase

Which proteins are involved in cell cycle regulation in the presence of growth factors and unfavorable conditions?

CKIs, RB, p53

Which enzyme is responsible for the exonucleolytic proofreading in DNA replication?

DNA polymerase

What happens to telomeres as cells divide?

They gradually shorten

What is the function of telomerase in cell division?

To replenish telomere DNA sequences

Which mechanism is responsible for dealing with the shorter DNA fragment on the lagging strand after RNA primer removal?

Telomerase activity

Test your knowledge on the cell cycle and DNA synthesis in this physiology quiz. Explore topics such as cell cycle regulation, checkpoints, and the phases of the cell cycle.

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