Causes of Acute Gastritis

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What is a non-infective cause of acute gastritis?

Drugs such as aspirin

Which of the following is associated with the development of acute gastritis?


What is a common factor that contributes to both acute gastritis and gastritis in general?

Alcohol consumption

What is the primary mechanism by which aspirin contributes to acute gastritis?

Irritation of the stomach lining

Which of the following is NOT a cause of acute gastritis?

Healthy diet

What is the classification of gastritis based on the location of inflammation in the stomach?

Antral predominant, corpus predominant, or pangastritis

What is the term for inflammation of the entire stomach wall?


Which of the following is NOT a type of gastritis based on the location of inflammation?

Duodenal ulcer

What is the term for inflammation of the antrum of the stomach?

Antral predominant

What is the term for inflammation of the corpus of the stomach?

Corpus predominant

What is the characteristic of the mucosa in chronic superficial gastritis?

Slight flattening of gastric rugae

In which layer of the mucosa is inflammation limited in chronic superficial gastritis?

Inner 1/3 of mucosa (in the lamina propria)

What type of inflammatory cells are present in chronic superficial gastritis?

Mixed lymphocytes, plasma cells, few neutrophils, eosinophils

What is the primary difference between chronic superficial gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis in terms of mucosal appearance?

More thinned and flattened mucosa in chronic atrophic gastritis

What is the term for the condition where the mucosa is more thinned, flattened, and red?

Chronic atrophic gastritis

Study Notes


  • Acute gastritis can be caused by non-infective factors, including irritation from:
    • Drugs such as aspirin (NSAIDs) and chemotherapy
    • Smoking and alcoholism

Features of Gastritis

  • Gastritis can be classified into three types based on the location of inflammation:
    • Antral predominant
    • Corpus predominant
    • Pangastritis (inflammation of the entire stomach wall)

Chronic Gastritis

  • There are two types of chronic gastritis:
    • Chronic superficial gastritis
    • Chronic atrophic gastritis

Morphological Features of Chronic Gastritis

  • Mucosa:
    • Slight flattening of gastric rugae in chronic superficial gastritis
    • More thinned and flattened, and red in chronic atrophic gastritis

Microscopic Features of Chronic Gastritis

  • Inflammation is limited to the inner 1/3 of the mucosa (in the lamina propria) with:
    • Mixed lymphocytes
    • Plasma cells
    • Few neutrophils
    • Eosinophils

Test your knowledge on the causes of acute gastritis, including non-infective factors such as drugs, smoking, and alcoholism. Learn about the role of NSAIDs, chemotherapy, and other irritants in triggering this condition. Take this quiz to understand the various factors that can lead to acute gastritis.

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