Car Salesperson Protocol
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Car Salesperson Protocol

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What is the purpose of the FCA card in the sales process?

To provide a visual representation of the sales process

What should happen to the part exchange vehicle if it is on site?

It should be started up and appraised

What is the purpose of the 2nd face in the sales process?

To review the customer's demands and needs

What should happen before the customer collects their vehicle?

<p>A pre-call should be made to confirm the collection details</p> Signup and view all the answers

What is the final step in the sales process?

<p>A post-collection call should be made</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Customer Interaction Guidelines

  • Ensure every customer knows your name and your name badge is visible.
  • Offer to walk every customer back to the desk.
  • Escort every customer to their car.
  • Show the FCA card to every customer.
  • If a part exchange is on site, start the vehicle and spend time appraising it.

Sales Process Requirements

  • Explain PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) to every customer.
  • Complete a visual with every customer to illustrate the PCP process.
  • Ensure every customer undergoes a second face-to-face interaction.
  • Clearly define the next interaction and its timing with every customer.

Product Offering and Follow-up

  • Present all products to every customer, every time.
  • Complete a demands and needs assessment for every customer.
  • Ensure customers can log into their collection portal before leaving the premises.
  • Conduct a pre-collection call with every customer.
  • Test drive the part exchange on collection day, if applicable.
  • Make a post-collection call to every customer.

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This quiz assesses knowledge of the standard protocol for car salespeople, including customer interactions, demonstrations, and product offerings. It covers the necessary steps to follow when engaging with customers, from initial greeting to finalizing sales.

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