Capstone 3Q Periodic Test BPA Review Lesson on Research Methodology

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What is the primary purpose of a research methodology?

To outline the steps involved in conducting the research

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a journal article?

Gives an overview of current thinking on the topic

What is the purpose of a reviewed scientific article?

To give an overview of current thinking on the topic

What is the process of systematically identifying and selecting relevant studies for inclusion in a review called?

Study selection

What is the process of collecting or retrieving disparate types of data from a variety of sources called?

Data extraction

What is the purpose of literature synthesis?

To go beyond just describing what everyone has said and found

What type of research aims to accurately describe a population, situation, or phenomenon?


Which research design investigates relationships between variables without the researcher controlling them?


What does triangulation refer to in qualitative research?

Using multiple methods or data sources

Which type of questions can descriptive research answer?

'What' questions

In a correlation, what does it mean if the correlation is positive?

Strong relationship exists

What is the primary purpose of the first set in measuring the differences of the second set?

To act as a constant

What is the process of reviewing or evaluating documents in a methodical manner?

Document Analysis

Which step involves looking onto the previous record and making necessary adjustments?

Research Process Introduction

What is the list of questions used to gather data from respondents typically about their attitudes or opinions?


What step involves checking and analyzing the effects of variables in an experiment?

Actual Experimentation

Which method involves selecting every tenth person or a specific number from a group to participate?

Systematic Sampling

'Literature Review' typically falls under which part of the research process?


What term describes the process of performing various statistical operations on data?

Statistical data analysis

Which of the following is NOT a type of quantitative research mentioned in the text?

Literature review

What is the primary purpose of a literature review?

To critique and synthesize existing research

When should a literature review be conducted in relation to a research problem?

Before or during the formulation of the research problem

What is the purpose of a library catalog?

To list all the items within a library

In pre-computer times, how were library books indexed?

In card catalogs with author, title, and subject cards

What differentiates an online database from a local database?

Accessibility over a network or the Internet

Which step is involved in formulating a scientific problem?

Writing down the problem

What characterizes applied research?

Development of practical solutions and technologies

Which type of research focuses on broad generalizations from specific observations?

Inductive Research

What is an essential characteristic of SMART research questions?

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound

'Conducting experiments to test hypotheses' is part of which step in the scientific problem formulation?

Step 4: Conducting experiments to test hypotheses

Prepare for the periodic test in Capstone 3Q by reviewing the fundamentals of research methodology. Learn about scientific procedures, research instruments, population sampling, and data analysis techniques inspired by real-world materials.

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